Powervate Media has Worked with AdWords Since Its Inception in 2000. We’ve Worked with PPC Before AdWord’s Inception.

lead management system to find quality leads, verified B2B list, Consumer leads and many more to increase your revenue by 80%.

Google Ads Management Services

Powervate Media has provided professional and affordable PPC management services for companies since 1998, before Google and before AdWords. Powervate Media was one of the first PPC management companies in the world to engage in the Google Ads platform when it was launched in 2000. Today, Powervate Media is a top 10% Google Ads provider (declared by Google) managing millions in AdWords budget each year. We specialize in building high-performance Google Ads campaigns capable of generating a superior ROI. Receive more sales for a lower per-unit cost.

The Google AdWords platform allows for highly targeted marketing that covers many different marketing channels. Search Marketing, Display Ads, Call-Only ads, Remarketing, Video Marketing and other channels can all be effectively managed by AdWords from one single platform. Powervate Media is a certified AdWords partner, capable of effectively managing all aspects of AdWords.

Industry-Leading PPC Management Company

The PPC industry is highly competitive, and requires marketing savvy coupled with analytical ingenuity. At Powervate Media, we develop the AdWords marketing and keyword content to attract interested consumers, and then track those consumers through your sales process. We are able to optimize dozens of variables to help maximize the performance of the AdWords campaigns that we manage: keywords, keyword bids, time of day, day of week, location of prospect, ad copy, mobile vs. PC and many other variables. We squeeze every drop of goodness from AdWords, ensuring that your AdWords budget is as productive as possible.

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    What Separates Powervate Media from the Others?

    Powervate Media takes a hands-on approach to Google AdWords management. While most of our competitors rely on automated bidding and management software, at Powervate we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and manually manage your campaign. Most PPC management companies are not managing your PPC campaign at all. They allow software to do the work and they just collect a payment from you. Powervate Media clearly outperforms automated PPC management programs because clever software algorithms cannot track all of the intangibles. Software cannot accommodate seasonal trends, sophisticated click-fraud teams, trends, patterns, industry changes, or introduce a spark of creativity that identifies new strategies and techniques. More efficient PPC management translates to a more affordable PPC campaign with a higher ROI. There is a Powervate Media team member behind every Google AdWords campaign we manage, who is actively working to ensure maximum performance.